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sound recording
on-location & in studio . concerts & recitals

A specialist in capturing live concert performances, Chaffee Sound Productions can record your concert or recital whether you are a choir, orchestra, wind ensemble or a jazz band.  Equally experienced in the recording studio, the technique of recording sound is no different whether it is rock, jazz, country, gospel, classical or any other music genre.  One should aim to not only capture a performance, but the energy in the room as well.  Careful attention to detail while maintaining a clean signal path is crucial to reproducing great sound. 

audio production  
mixing . digital editing . mastering . sound design

Balancing the different elements of a music mix takes training and experience.  The seemingly technical process of mixing audio is actually more art than just a manipulation of technology.  It's one thing to master an audio program or sound app while it's another to actually understand the physics of sound, technology and music theory as they apply to producing music. This blend of knowledge and experience enables Chaffee Sound to edit, mix and create audio masters that not only sound good, but transfer accurately to the variety of different music delivery technologies around the world today.  Whether you recorded your own songs or had them recorded professionally, Chaffee Sound can mix your audio tracks or edit and master your mixes into a polished, retail ready format on compact disc or digital online ready media file. 

live sound  
concert & theater sound mixing . system design & installation . consultation

Chaffee Sound Productions provides sound reinforcement for live music, musical theater and corporate events in small to mid-sized venues such as theaters, school auditoriums, houses of worship, banquet halls, etc. Specializing in musical theater production, Chaffee Sound provides much more than microphones and volume.  Besides amplifying the performers' voices or the pit orchestra, Chaffee Sound can also create and trigger audio backgrounds and sound effects to tie all of the elements of your production together.  Chaffee Sound has installed and repaired dozens of sound systems in school auditoriums, houses of worship, meeting halls, banquet halls and even dreaded "gym-atoriums". For decades, Chaffee Sound has been helping small schools and churches get better sound, even with the smallest budgets. When it comes to professional live sound production, it's not about volume, it's about even and accurate sound coverage combined with quality equipment and proper set-up. 

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